13 Clever Ideas : If I Were Marketing @ Women’s Horlicks…

13 Clever Ideas If I Were Marketing at Women's Horlicks-www.ifiweremarketing.com

We recently celebrated Women’s Day. Hence, this marketing post is dedicated to a Women’s Health Drink- GSK’s¬†Women’s Horlicks. Launched in 2008, it was the first milk additive created specifically for women in India. In 2013, it crossed Rs. 100 crores in sales, showing the positive changes in consumer mindset, especially that of women.

Sales of Women’s Horlicks grew at a faster pace than the Sensodyne toothpaste and the mainstay Horlicks last year, despite a lack of heavy spending on advertisements, its premium pricing and a relative slowdown in demand for discretionary products. “This indicates positive changes in consumer demographics. … women are now not just focused on health of their families, but are taking care of themselves too,” – Economic Times

The brand is a market leader in a category it started. It has achieved this with less ATL and more on-ground activities/consumer activation. Advertising on traditional media is money intensive but not innovation intensive. There is only so much innovation one can do on TV.

The company has conducted quick bone density tests at modern trade stores and other such big catchment areas targeting women to educate them on their nutritional requirements, besides using the digital media to reach the targets – Economic Times

The TG is well defined by the company in terms of demographics:

  • 19-50 yrs old women, especially working women, all India with a focus on developing North and West.

While South and East remain our largest markets by far, growing well, we are increasingly driving more and more growth from North and West markets as well in line with our overall vision to build pan India strength. – Impact

Marketing objective:


women horlicks marketing-print ad-www.ifiweremarketing.com

The current advertising campaign of the company has a tagline Stay Strong and it talks about Bone Mineral Density in women. This will be the USP and objective for innovative marketing ideas presented below. With this background,

If I were marketing @ Women’s Horlicks…

Sticky Marketing Ideas:

1. Recreating the print ad on-ground


women horlicks marketing-Recreating the print ad on-ground-www.ifiweremarketing.com

The visual used in the print ad shown above is very arresting. To capitalize on it, take 2 women promoters walking side by side and carrying a horizontal placard (worn as a backpack) with the image of weakened bone as shown in the print ad. It is extremely eye catching, will reinforce the message given by print and will generate queries and conversations with the event promoters.

2. Bone Xrays or posters stuck to relevant parts

women horlicks marketing-bone xrays stuck to different body parts-www.ifiweremarketing.com


A variation of the above idea- Women promoters wearing different bone pics on different body parts can walk around in shopping malls to highlight the fact that low bone density can affect any part of the body.

3. Health To-Do App


women horlicks marketing-health to-do app-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Create a Mobile App for ‘health to-do’ list which reminds you to eat specific foods at specific times. The lady has to input her age, height and weight and accordingly some basic food chart is created in the app which will give timely reminders to eat specific foods like a bowl of oats or dry fruits, etc. Obviously, one of the reminders will be to have Women’s Horlicks once a day.

4. Facebook and Instagram Selfie Contest


women horlicks marketing-facebook and instagram selfie contest-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Women’s Horlicks is for the woman, herself and only for herself. So a selfie contest is ideal because it is only for oneself. Also, women are more prone to take selfies anyways. Hold a Selfie contest on Facebook and Instagram (two sites frequented more by women than men) around the theme- Stay Strong. Also, Women’s Horlicks should come in the picture in some way (eg as a logo superimposed later). The biggest benefit from the social media contest will be word of mouth and virality.

5. Airport Charging Dock Sampling

women horlicks marketing-airport charging dock sampling-www.ifiweremarketing.com

At charging stations in Mumbai and Delhi Domestic and International Airport, place a standee with removable sample sachets ( or discount coupons if sachets not available) right next to the charging station with the message- Recharge your bones with Women’s Horlicks. The TG at airports will be good and while the phone is being charged, the ladies or their husbands/brothers/sons will have nothing much to do. Hence the message will be driven home.

6. Gynaecology Clinic Large X-Ray

women horlicks marketing-gynaecologist clinic large xray-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Tie-up with the best gynaecology clinics in the West and the North and place a 6 x 3 ft X-ray of the weakened bone areas with the message written on the side. Place it in the waiting area and provide samples or leaflets to those interested.

7. Karate ladies in Delhi and Mumbai Metro Ladies Coach


women horlicks marketing-Karate ladies in Delhi and Mumbai Metro Ladies Coach- www.ifiweremarketing.com

A group of 5 women promoters (each from different age group) dressed in Karate gear can board the ladies coach of Delhi and Mumbai Metro to distribute educational leaflet/samples to the lady commuters. Their karate dresses can have the message- Stay Strong. Karate signifies strength and great bones. Hence, the association with the sport.

8. Tie-up with banks


women horlicks marketing-Tie-up with banks-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Tie-up with one of the leading banks like HDFC or ICICI or SBI that has a lot of women account holders and send educational material/ samples/ discount coupons to them. Coming from the bank they trust, they will be more receptive to the communication. The company can hold bone mineral density checkup for these women depositors. It would be a win-win for the bank and Women’s Horlicks, both.

9. Tie-up with Vogue Empower


women horlicks marketing-Tie-up with Vogue Empower- www.ifiweremarketing.com

Vogue started a women centric initiative called Vogue Empower. The concept is a perfect fit with Women’s Horlicks brand and tagline. An association between the two would help reach the perfect TG.

10. Woman Juggler


women horlicks marketing-Woman Juggler-www.ifiweremarketing.com

At high footfall places, conduct an entertainment act involving women jugglers. Place a projector screen behind her with the message- Juggle all your duties better with Women’s Horlicks. Stay Strong.

11. Tie up with Viira Cabs


women horlicks marketing-Tie up with Viira Cabs-www.ifiweremarketing.com

It is a cab service in Mumbai for women and by women. The people using the service would fall under our defined TG. The tie-up could cover either giving samples to the women passengers or just a leaflet/ discount coupon or sending them a brand sms at the end of the cab ride or branding on the outside of each Viira cab.

12. Women Entrepreneurs Award


women horlicks marketing-Women Entrepreneurs Award-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Create an Annual Award ceremony for women entrepreneurs in partnership with Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) and a business news channel like CNBC. The main use of Women’s Horlicks is to working women and who needs it more than a female entrepreneur? The award will bring the brand message alive

13. Bone Mineral Density Infographic


women horlicks marketing-Bone Mineral Density Infographic-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Create a Bone Mineral Density infographic branded with Women’s Horlicks and make it viral. Since it uses the digital medium, the message will reach a larger number of people.

There can be many more ideas for Women’s Horlicks but I would like to stop the list here. Would love to hear your feedback on these ideas. Till then, Stay Strong.

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