10 Clever Ideas: If I Were Marketing @ Snapdeal #SnapdealIn12Languages

10 Clever Ideas If I Were Marketing at Snapdeal #SnapdealIn12Languages-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Looking for a fresh topic for the next post, I turned to Twitter for inspiration. From the topics trending in India, one of them caught my attention-#Snapdealin12langauges.

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-www.ifiweremarketing.com

I am sure it is trending due to a great marketing push by the brand. By launching multilingual support on its app, the brand is trying to add 130 million more customers to its TG.

“India’s linguistic diversity is a huge opportunity to expand the market to include those users who would prefer to engage online in their native languages. Our decision to go multilingual is driven by the feedback that we have received from our users,” Snapdeal co-founder Rohit Bansal said here. He said the multilingual interface has expanded its reach to an additional 130 million smartphone users in the country, who use internet in regional languages-ibnlive.com

As can be seen, Snapdeal is using social media heavily to spread the word of this new feature. But I want to see what else can be done to market the multilingual support, alongwith social media. I want to see what non-traditional marketing ideas can encourage downloads and spread the word, at the same time. So

If I were marketing @ Snapdeal…

Non-traditional Marketing Ideas:

1. Zebra Crossing Installation

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-zebra crossing installation-www.ifiweremarketing.com

On either side of a prominent zebra crossing, install a life size mobile phone with the Snapdeal App open on it. On one of the mobile phones– the Snapdeal app could be shown in English. And on the other side of the road, the app can say- Cross over to your language and list the languages. #Snapdealin12languages

2. Talking newspaper ad

non-traditional marketing ideas- talking newspaper ad- snapdeal-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Give a full page ad in a leading daily like Hindustan Times such that the ad has 12 small flaps. Place a voice clip behind each flap. As the reader lifts each flap, a voice says ‘Good morning. Have a nice day.’ But each flap should say it in a different language. A talking newspaper ad will surely be a talked about ad. The technology for implementing this could be adopted from greeting cards which use audio often. But if it is difficult to implement the idea in a newspaper, then do this ad innovation in select magazines.

3. Newspaper masthead in 12 languages

non-traditional marketing ideas-newspaper masthead in 12 languages- snapdeal-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Do a non-traditional marketing ad in newspapers by putting the newspaper masthead in each of the 12 languages on each of the first 12 pages of the paper. Example- The first page can have  the Times of India/ Hindustan Times written in English as always. The 2nd page could have a Gujarati masthead. The third page Telugu etc. It will be very unique and drive home the point clearly.

4. Free Download of Regional Songs

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-free download of regional songs-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Take the most popular songs in each of the 12 languages and give them as free download to everyone who downloads the app in the respective language- Your ‘dil ki tunes’ in your ‘dil ki deal’ app. Example- For Gujarati- give the most popular Garba songs for download. Most of the times, regional songs are not as easily available as Hindi and English songs. Hence, people will value this.

5. Bookmyshow movie listing

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-bookmyshow movie listing-www.ifiweremarketing.com

The movie listing page mentions the language of the movie in brackets next to the movie name. Place a callout next to each name with the message- You can see this movie only in English/ Hindi but you can see Snapdeal in 12 languages.

6. Beautiful flower pots at heavy traffic junctions

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-flowerpots at traffic junctions-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Place huge and beautiful flower pots at important traffic junctions with 12 signboards jutting out. The flower pot says- Snapdeal brings you the bouquet of languages. #Snapdealin12languages

7. App and radio connection

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-app and radio connection-www.ifiweremarketing.com

As a one day campaign, all smartphone users who have radio on their phones can enjoy the radio in their preferred language via the Snapdeal mobile app. Example- User chooses Marathi on the Snapdeal app and the radio on their phone automatically plays in Marathi. Don’t know if this is technically possible but it’s worth a shot.

8. Unfurling banner at signal

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-banner unfurling at signal-www.ifiweremarketing.com

At popular junctions- place an electronic banner such that when the light turns red- the banner unfurls and it has Stop written in 12 languages. When signal turns green- the banner reads Go in 12 languages.

9. CSR plus Marketing

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-csr plus marketing-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Place 12 chairs in a row at Worli seaface or Marine Drive in Mumbai, India. Each chair should have a language written on the back. People are welcome to sit on the chairs to enjoy the view and chill.

10. Audio message of I Love You

non-traditional marketing ideas snapdeal-audio message of i love you-www.ifiweremarketing.com

The current generation is heavily into social sharing, especially on Whatsapp and Facebook. Give a link for free multilingual message on the Snapdeal mobile app. The user types in a name generating an audio for download in any of the 12 languages. The audio would say-*NAME* I Love You. You are my Dil Ki Deal. The more it is shared, the faster the word would spread.

How do you like these non-traditional marketing ideas? Do you think they are different enough to attract attention and spread the word regarding #Snapdealin12languages?

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