6 Unusual, Clever Niche Event Agency Ideas…

6 unusual clever niche event agency ideas-www.ifiweremarketing.com

There are so many event agencies that there is a separate directory for it called Eventfaqs. But out of all the gazillion players, only the old and established ones keep getting repeat business. Most others have such a tough time getting new clients or a chance to prove their mettle.

I was wondering why is it so tough for a new event agency to make its mark in this over crowded space?

One of the main reasons is the product itself- the Event. It is a one time thing. It is a make or break moment. You cant afford mistakes. Hence, people go with the established names since they have proven track records. Hence, they are sort of foolproof and safe.

This got me thinking, if I were marketing at an Event Agency...what would i do?

Firstly, I would go narrow. Very narrow. As narrow as possible. Instead of being a standard event agency, which is open to any event for any client, I would choose a niche and focus on that alone.

Most event agencies try to be everything to everyone. A full service format. Why!! Focus on a niche and rock at it.

As it is rightly said, if you try to attract everyone, no one will fall in love with you. Court a select few and they will be ready to spend their money and time with you, give you their loyalty. 

Be irresistible to a select few. If you manage to make a tiny group fall in love with you, you are home.

But, what sort of niches?

Unusual Clever Niche Event Ideas:

1. Divorce Planners-

divorce planners-event agency- www.ifiweremarketing.com

Wedding planning is a multi billion dollar business. Weddings are getting more lavish. But there is an equally increasing number of divorces. And not all divorces are amicable. What if there were an event agency specialising in Divorce Planning? They would celebrate the end of the acrimonious divorce proceedings and the closure of a bad relationship. It has tremendous potential.

A whole new industry or spectrum will open up. There are ultra niche agencies which only create and execute engagement proposals like Yes Girls, Luxe Proposals, etc… And people pay huge bucks for it.

There is a site called I Do Now I Dont which solely sells engagement rings from people whose engagements have been called off. It’s turned into multimillion dollar business, spawning off competitors too.

So people are increasingly open to celebrating different stages of their romantic lives. Divorce Planning is bound to disrupt the market.

2. Financial Year-End After-Party Planners-

financial year end afterparty planners-event agency-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Specialise in offering R&R events to all who went through the rigors of year-end closing i.e. the finance team, the sales team and the senior management. For most companies, year end accounting and finance is a brutal process, completely draining the people involved. They would appreciate some time or event to unwind and restore their energies for the new financial year. Why not pitch such events that time?

3. CEO Events-

ceo events-event agency-www.ifiweremarketing.com
Be THE agency that manages events only for the CEO/Director/ Chairman level. Nothing below that is worth your time. If you go ultra luxury, you may strike gold.

4. Time Makers-

time makers-event agency-www.ifiweremarketing.com
Conduct weekly events which enable people to make time for themselves in the weekend or the rest of the week. Example, most people don’t know how to make their 24 hours work like 25, with that one hour for themselves or for things that matter to them. Conduct weekly events taking people through time saving tactics, tricks, tips- not just theory but getting them to implement your lessons during the session, as far as possible.

5. Adoption welcome/ announcement parties-

adoption welcome announcement parties-event agency-www.ifiweremarketing.com
Be the event agency that helps people who adopt (either kids or pets) to throw a welcome + announcement party. These could be simple warm affairs or lavish bragging events…

6. Event agency for event agencies-

event agency for event agency-www.ifiweremarketing.com
When event agencies want to treat their teams or employees to an R&R time or conduct their own sales or planning conferences, who does it? They keep conducting events for the whole world. Wouldn’t they appreciate if they could for once outsource that work, kick back their feet and just enjoy? Like professional chefs enjoy eating other’s cooking skills once in a while, as a well deserved break. So be THAT event agency.
So here are some alternative ideas for Event agencies to stand out from the crowd. Which did you like the best?

Thank you for reading :) I know you are an observant reader. Mind sharing your observations on the article here?