A Day In The Life Of A Marketing Manager/ CMO- Finale


A quick summary (recap from the previous post) of marketing manager Si Emo’s saga of creating a brilliant marketing campaign:

We met a marketing manager and A Boss Who Wears Prada. We heard The Boss Who Wears Prada issue a diktat to our friend to create a clutter breaking, innovative marketing campaign to outshine competition. Agencies are briefed but ideas don’t meet the expectations. In a fix, Si Emo logs on to the internet and Voila!!

All clear up to this point?

Lets continue…

What did Si Emo see online that brought the bounce back in his step?

While frantically surfing the world wide web for inspiration/ help/creative spark, our friend happened to stumble upon a fairly new treasure trove of marketing ideas!

marketing campaign-treasure-chest-of-marketing-ideas-www-ifiweremarketing-com

It was a treasure chest filled with fun, innovative and sticky marketing ideas, of all hues and colors, fit for the Davids and the Goliaths and everyone in between.

1. He signed up

2.Subscribed to a monthly package of ideas

3. Browsed through the plethora of ideas

4. Eureka!!!

5. Selected the ones he liked

6. Put the campaign presentation together

7. Voila!!!

8. Impressed The Boss Who Wears Prada

Now how cool is that, right?!!

If only there were such a treasure chest for all of us in life, not just for Si Emo…..

What if there was an ideas collection you could log in anytime you were stuck?

What if there were subscription plans for ideas for marketing campaigns?

Would you take a subscription to such a marketing ideas website? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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