9 Similarities Between Content Marketing And Designer Clothes

9 similarities between content marketing and designer clothes-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Newsflash- Content Marketing is like Designer Clothes!!


I got this newsflash one fine morning while watching Friends. Don’t ask me what is the connection between Friends (the cult TV show), content marketing and designer clothes. My mind works in leaps and bounds. It leaps from one topic to another at the slightest of connection or similarity.

But, for once, when I got this newsflash in my head, it made a little sense to me. So I paused my ever running mind to figure out this connection. It actually makes sense, in a weird sort of way!

Let me explain.


What is content marketing?

As per Content Marketing Institute, it is valuable content for a well defined target audience for driving profitable customer action.

content marketing is like designer clothes- content marketing definition-www.ifiweremarketing.com

Similarities between content marketing and designer clothes

A short infographic explaining the similarities between the two-

content marketing is like designer clothes-infographic-www.ifiweremarketing.com

  1. Both are valuable-

    Both, a designer dress or a blog post, are rich pieces, created with a lot of effort, thought and expertise. Hence, the usual saying ‘it is content rich. It is very valuable, as compared to standard advertisements and commercials.

  2. Tailored to suit the audience-

    James Bond always wears ‘Tailored’ suits, never takes them off the rack. Because they are tailored, they have a beautiful fit and are so well appreciated. They fit the buyer perfectly. Similarly, a piece of content is not considered good if it does not fit the requirements or answers the queries of the reader/viewer/ TG. But one cannot create a good piece of content without having an extremely sharp and clear understanding of the buyer, buyer personas, etc.

  3. Exclusive/ Limited Edition-

    Both are exclusive and limited edition. Neither is mass produced or sold in wholesale. Being limited edition adds to the appeal and charm. I guess that is also why we do ‘content curation‘- collect the best of the limited pieces (collector’s item)

  4. Long term investments-

    Its a universal fact that content takes time to yield results but that is also the reason why it has a very long shelf life. Designer clothes are considered an investment, one that can be passed down through generations and is timeless.

  5. Expensive-

    Designer outfits are expensive in terms of money and content is expensive in terms of time (time for creation and time for results). But both are worth the expense.

  6. Create distinct impression-

    A gorgeous Gucci dress or a witty and simple how-to video or a funny blog post are hard to dismiss or ignore. They generally tend to go viral. Because both are limited edition, if crafted well, they create a lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

  7. Connoisseur/ Expert-

    It is a standard assumption that if you wear designer pieces, you know fashion well and are an expert on latest trends. Likewise, a well written piece of content shows your depth of knowledge and expertise in your field/industry.

  8. Quality handcrafted pieces-

    Designers try to handcraft their products as much as possible to maintain high levels of quality and individuality. Same goes for content creation. Be it a blog post, video, meme, etc, it has to be created one at a time. This ensures each piece of content is crafted with utmost focus and thought.

  9. Yield high profits-

    Its a known fact that designers charge insane amounts of money for their creations. And people are ready to pay that high premium for exclusivity and quality. Content, once created, can yield high profits for the brand over long term by ensuring low cost and more exposure.

That’s it folks! These are the similarities between content marketing and designer clothes. Do you agree with them?

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